What Can I Get?

Safer Injection Equipment

  • Sterile Syringes Longs (29G,12.7mm, 1ml) and Shorts (30G,8mm,1ml)
  • VitC issued to break down drugs like crack, fentanyl or tar heroin. Using lemon juice or vinegar can cause bacterial or fungal infections and vein damage.
  • Cookers are spoon-like containers used to prepare drugs for injection.
  • Sterile water is used to dissolve drugs so that the mixture can be injected into the bloodstream.
  • Alcohol swabs are used to clean and sterilize the injection site before and after each injection.
  • Tourniquets or ties are used to make it easier to inject into a vein.

Safer Inhalation Equipment

  • Glass stems are used as pipes for smoking crack cocaine.
  • Push sticks aka chop sticks are used to push brass screens into glass stems.
  • Screens prevent the inhalation of hot bits and pieces. Brass screens reduce harm to the mouth, throat and lungs.
  • Mouth piece tubing is used to cover the end of the glass stem and prevents cuts to the lips. They also prevent the transmission of hepatitis C from open sores or dry cracked lips that may have been on a shared pipe.