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Hep C Services @ PARN

Hep C Services @ PARN works to ensure that people living with and at risk for Hep C have increased access to testing and treatment.

We are working in partnership with the Positive Care Clinic and the Hepatitis Program at Carea to establish an integrated network of Hep C services to ensure that people living with and at-risk for Hep C have increased access to services in community.

You can reach Becky Lyon, PARN’s Hep C Outreach Coordinator at 705-749-9110 ext 205 or .

Hepatitis C Drop In
Hepatitis C Drop In: now available online, please call 705-957-3568 to register Had an exposure? Recently diagnosed? On treatment? Come to PARN to have your Hep C questions answered with our team!

Hepatitis C One-on-One Info Sessions
Please call Becky at 705-957-3568. The outreach phone is answered Mon-Fri, 9:30am to 5pm.

Need to talk to someone privately about Hep C?

Ask Becky for information on topics such as:
– What is Hep C and how do you get it?
– Prevention strategies
– Living with someone who has Hep C
– Connection to Hep C testing
– Support while on treatment
– Compensation support
– Support for families, friends & roommates
– Info about our drop-in program
– Challenges connecting to services