Overdose Prevention Sites

Overdose Prevention Sites provide a safe, non-stigmatized environment where people who use opioids can come and inject/consume their pre-obtained drugs. There are trained medical and social services staff members present at all times, and are there to help if an overdose should occur.

New injection/inhalation materials are provided, to reduce HIV/Hep C transmission, as well as other supports people can access, including:

  • Housing support
  • Education on addiction treatment options
  • Safer consumption information
  • Information on treatment facilities in the area
  • Overdose prevention resources, and much more

In Ontario, there are currently Overdose Prevention Sites in London, Toronto and Ottawa.

If your organization is interested in creating an Overdose Prevention Site, visit:  http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/news/bulletin/2018/docs/hb_20180111_ops_user_guide.pdf for more information.