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Brittany Cameron

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Brittany Cameron, Peer Engagement Coordinator

People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHA) Engagement Coordinator
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Brittany is the Peer and Volunteer Engagement Program Coordinator! As a young woman living with HIV, Brittany brings a great deal of knowledge, education and insight that has advanced both her program and the agency in general in numerous ways.

Brittany oversees the recruitment, training and engagement of peers, students and volunteers at PARN, and she work to build programs for people with lived experience to be engaged in volunteer and peer work that meets people’s skills and interests. Brittany is also responsible for planning annual PARN events, such as the PARN Picnic, Opening Doors conference and Holiday Social.

Come in to see Brittany and she will help you identify how your skills and interests can create a meaningful and engaging peer/volunteer experience with PARN.

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Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 204


Marty Cleary

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Marty Cleary, Rainbow Youth Worker

Rainbow Youth Facilitator

Marty is the Rainbow Youth Facilitator at PARN. Prior to this position, Marty participated in the Rainbow Youth Program and served as a peer with the QueeRadicals.

Marty’s duties include:

  •  Coordinating and facilitating the Rainbow Youth Program weekly drop-in for LGBTQ+ youth
  • Supporting youth in engaging with programming, accessing community resources and to feel empowered to make positive change in their lives and within their communities
  • Supporting youth to volunteer with the QueeRadicals

Contact Marty

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 226


Dylan DeMarsh

Community Resource Coordinator

Dylan is the Community Resource Coordinator at PARN. Some of Dylan’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Handling the daily communication work, such as social media and messaging platforms
  • Responsible for fundraising events and grant writing
  • Check emails constantly and communicate with agencies and the media
  • Checking the news to keep up to date with daily events and stories within the community
  • Responding to necessary news stories within the media
  • Currently, his main priority is working to bring a safe consumption site to Peterborough

Dylan loves the social justice aspect of PARN. He feels very lucky to be able to work within this field and is very passionate about the work that PARN does. He states that although he is more in an administrative role at PARN, he has such a respect for the front-line staff members and has learned a lot from them over the years.

Contact Dylan

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 208


Charles Shamess

Executive Director

In 1987, Charles was part of a small group of volunteers whose concern about HIV/AIDS in Peterborough led to the founding of PARN. In the year 2000, Charles joined PARN as an employee, taking on the role of Education Coordinator.
During Charles’ time as PARN’s Education Coordinator, the agency’s work in the community expanded greatly. Charles was tasked with managing PARN’s participation in both the newly developed Four Counties Needle Exchange Coalition (which would later become Harm Reduction Works @ PARN) and the fledgling Rainbow Youth Coalition, which had just been launched in 1998.
Charles returned to Peterborough in 2016 to coordinate the Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland Drug Strategy. In the summer of 2018, Charles moved into a new pilot position managing PARN’s Harm Reduction Works program.
In early 2019, Charles took on the role of Director with the Sault St. Marie and Area Drug Strategy. He returned to PARN as Interim Executive Director on January 20, 2020.

Contact Charles

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 203


Erin Dyson

Picture of Erin

Erin Dyson, Finance Administrator

Finance Administrator

Erin is the Finance Administrator at PARN. Before coming to PARN, Erin developed her financial skills working as a bookkeeper in the retail sector. Erin always hoped to apply her finance skills to a workplace that shared her values, and she ended up at PARN doing just that!

Some of Erin’s duties include:

  • All things related to finance;payables, receivables, payroll, government remittances, maintaining PARN’s financial records
  • Assisting with the development and implementation of PARN’s budgets
  • Financial reporting to all levels of government and to PARN’s funders
  • Harm Reduction Inventory and data management
  • Working together with the other members of the Admin team and with the Executive Director on staff orientation, daily human resource management, policy development and implementation
  • Supporting staff and their programs as needed

Contact Erin

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 207


anya gwynne

Photo of anya

anya gywnne, Education Coordinator

Education Coordinator

anya is the Education Coordinator at PARN and also oversees the Rainbow Youth Program.

anya’s responsibilities and duties include:

  • Overseeing the Rainbow Youth group, including other staff like Marty and Leah
  • Attend workshops and give presentations at schools and agencies to promote positive space
  • Collaborate with community partners
  • Attend various meetings
  • Prepare and attend the Rainbow Youth group each Thursday at PARN
  • Train rainbow youth to help facilitate events

Contact anya

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 209


Carolyn King

Photo of Carolyn

Carolyn King, Harm Reduction Coordinator

Harm Reduction Works Program Coordinator

Carolyn is PARN’s Harm Reduction Coordinator. She comes to PARN with a great deal of work experience in the social services field in various capacities, such as developmental services, sex-work, indigenous health and healing and addictions work. Some of her duties and responsibilities include:

  •  Developing community capacity and supportive environments to individuals who use substances to reduce the overall harms and risks of drug use
  • Providing targeted prevention and education programs to at-risk populations and related service providers on issues related to HIV/AIDS, prevention education and to promote safer sex practices
  • Developing strong partnerships with service providers and people with lived experience
  • Providing education sessions for individuals, community agencies and groups

Contact Carolyn

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 222


Becky Lyon

Picture of Becky

Becky Lyon, Hep C Outreach Coordinator

Hepatitis Outreach Coordinator

Becky is the Hepatitis C Outreach Coordinator at PARN. Becky comes to PARN with a Master’s of Public Health in Health Promotion from the University of Toronto where she focused her studies on serving people who face systemic barriers in accessing equitable health care.

Becky’s various responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing education to clients and community members
  • Building the connection between testing and treatment for Hep C
  • Facilitating the Hepatitis C drop-in program
  • Providing one-on-one support to clients and for those affected by Hep C
  • Accompanying clients to appointments

Contact Becky

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 205


Matt Perrin

Photo of Matt P

Matt P, Harm Reduction Outreach Worker

Harm Reduction Outreach Worker HKPR

Matt Perrin is PARN’s Harm Reduction Outreach Worker for the Haliburton and Kawartha Lakes area.

Some of Matt’s duties include:

  • Doing direct outreach to the Haliburton and Kawartha Lakes communities
  • Supporting needle exchange sites and ensuring they have an adequate amount of supplies
  • Providing support and intervention as necessary
  • Collecting data
  • Ability to respond to overdoses, and provide education and training to others

Contact Matt

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 223


Rachel Petty

Photo of Rachel

Rachel Petty, HIV Support Services Coordinator

HIV Support Services Coordinator

Rachel is the Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) Coordinator at PARN. Before working at PARN, Rachel completed her education in nursing and worked at The Warming Room.

Rachel’s job includes:

  • Working with women who have or are at risk for contracting HIV
  • Addressing unique risk factors faced by women
  • Sitting on many coordinating committees, such as domestic violenc, human services, and justice committees
  • Bringing expertise to the community to bring forward a better system of care
  • Assisting community partners with their events, such as the Bi-Weekly Women’s Meal and Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre’s Art-Drop In.

Contact Rachel

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 215


Peg Town

Photo of Peg Town

Peg Town, Office Administrator

She/Her ; They/Them
Office Administrator

Peg is PARN’s office administrator and supports all aspects of day to day operations at the agency.

Some of Peg’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the office is open/closed in timely fashion
  • Work closely with finance administrator to serve executive director
  • Organize PARN’s Annual General Meeting
  • Provide orientation to new board members
  • Working and communicating with all members and community partners
  • Training staff on reception and managing the phone system
  • Purchases office supplies when necessary

Contact Peg

Phone: 705-749-9110 ext 202



Harm Reduction Outreach Worker

Tara is a Harm Reduction Outreach Worker with PARN. Tara is responsible for:

  • Naloxone training within the community
  • Connecting with service users to provide education and training
  • Assist with bi-weekly women’s meals

Tara’s favourite part of PARN is the inclusivity aspect. In the future, she hopes to see a safe consumption site come to Peterborough, as well as a mobile outreach to meet the needs of the community.