Workshops – Teaching a Generation of Youth and Adult Allies

For 19 years, the Rainbow Youth Program has been making Peterborough and the four counties a safer, more inclusive place for LGBTQ+ youth. Education is a key component to building more inclusive communities and reducing discrimination towards LGBTQ+ people. Our interactive workshops designed and delivered by youth help educate everyone—from 7th grade students to teacher candidates—on the diversity of queer identities and how to create spaces to welcome and celebrate them. We also provide workshops geared towards specific service providers, such as nurses, counsellors, and police officers, in order to ensure that LGBTQ+ youth are treated with respect in all areas of their lives.


  • 2807 people attended Rainbow Youth Workshops in 2015-16. In total, 80 workshops were provided on gender identity, impacts of homophobia/transphobia, best practices when working with trans and gender diverse clients, self-care, negotiating safer sex and more. 16 Workshops were held for service providers, and a further 64 for students and youth-at-risk.