Women and HIV

Do women come through the doors of your agency?  We are an important access point for women’s HIV prevention, information and care

The Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) is a community-based response to HIV and AIDS among Cis and Trans women in Ontario.

Through education and community collaboration, our goals are to:

  • Reduce HIV transmission among women in Ontario
  • Enhance local community capacity to address HIV/AIDS
  • Build safe environments to support women and their HIV/AIDS related needs

Contact PARN’s WHAI Coordinator, Brooke Dewhurst for a tailored workshop on subjects ranging from gender and harm reduction, gender-based violence, community & emotional wellness as a strategy for addressing stigma, discrimination and institutional violence and healthcare centered on women’s needs & lived experience.

Check out WHAI at PARN Facebook & Instagram and join the conversation.


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