Mentoring Youth Leaders in Fostering Change in their Communities

Our youth ambassador team, the queeRAdicals, are taking the initiative to use their skills and lived experiences in training and connecting with their peers, schools, and the wider Peterborough community. The RYP supports these young changemakers by providing them with opportunities to expand their learning, develop their facilitation skills, and put their ideas into action. As they learn and share information on sexual health, LGBTQ+ identities, harm reduction, and mental health, the queeRAdicals are empowered to make informed decisions, advocate for themselves, and show resilience in the face of adversity.

These youth are making recognizable and dynamic changes in their communities. The queeRAdicals are active in organizing and marshalling Peterborough Pride events, working in partnership with local organizations, businesses and politicians.¬† Positive Space workshops are now integrated into three programs at Fleming College and two programs at Trent University‚ÄĒimproving the way social service workers, police officers, nurses, and teachers engage with LGBTQ+ people.